Our Collection ‘Atirah’, is an ode to the ancient tradition practiced in the city of Kannauj, famously
known for extracting oils from flowers to make heavenly scents/ attar since the Mughal empire era.



This collection is inspired to bring back the old world charm to life with intricate floral lattice jaalis and hand
drawn threadwork embroideries enveloped in an array of luxurious festive couture silhouettes.



Painting our color palette with hues of Fiza (Celestial Blue), Zar (Warm Apricot), Sang Raza (Frosted Almond). From
beautiful delicate designs that evoke the fragrance of the attar and reflect into impeccable tailoring,
each garment is thoughtfully crafted using luxurious fabrics like hand spun Silks and Organzas, organic
handwoven Cotton and fine water-like Tulle.



As the saying goes ,“Ishk or Mushk Kabhi Chupta Nahi He” which meant “love and musk are impossible
to hide for long”, this season we celebrate this Indian tradition in all its glory.